Parent Information for our Classroom Community

A collaborative approach to education is the key to success with your child. Communication is an essential ingredient to this approach. If you wish to speak to your classroom teacher, they will be available in their classrooms from 8.50am, for a quick chat. If you need to have a sit down conversation with the teacher, please make an appointment through the office or place a note to request a time, in your child’s diary.

Classroom instruction begins at 9.00am, so if you need to have a longer discussion in private with your classroom teacher, an appointment is probably more suitable.

Our classrooms are very busy every morning and corridors can become quite congested. As some of the year 3 /4 classrooms are upstairs, it is essential that we reduce traffic on the stairwell and in corridors in the morning. We ask that you wait until 8.50 before coming into these areas.

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