Successful Notetaking

1. As you read the text ask yourself questions:

  • Can I read all the words?
  • Do I know the meanings of all the words?
  • Do I understand the facts?

(To help you understand use a dictionary or ask a classmate, teacher or parent.) 

2. Read the text again. Slowly. Underline, highlight or write down the key (importatnt) words, phrases or facts.

3. Turn your selected key words, phrases or facts into notes. These do not need to be written as full sentences, they can be written in point form.
Your notes can include abbreviations as long as you remember what they stand for. Also your do have to be easy to read and include the correct spelling.

4. When finished read over your notes carefully. Do they make sense, do you understand them? Do they cover the key poionts of what you have just read?

5. Finally use your notes to write what you now know about your topic. After you’ve re-read your notes cover them when you write. This will help ensure you are writing in your own words and using what you now understand about the subject.


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