7 Steps to successful story writing

Step 1: Plan For Success

  • Start where the action is
  • Backfill important information
  • Plot Development
  • Gradual Buildup
  • Hugh Tension Scene
  • Action Climax
  • Character and Emotion Wrap-up

Step 2: Sizzling Starts

Top Tip: Begin right in the middle of the action to hook your readers. You write a lot better when you have something exciting to write about!

Step 3: Tightening Tension

Top Tip: Visualise the scene in your mind long and hard. Then List the details. Use the five senses as a guide – What did you See, Hear, Smell, Touch, Taste. Add in what you felt. Now the tension scene is easy to write.

Step 4: Dynamic Dialogue

Top Tip: Act out the scene with some friends. Do it several times to get rid of the boring bits. Now just write it down – and that’s dialogue.

Step 5: Show Don’t Tell

Top Tip: Applying the “seeing is believing” test for important information. Do I have to believe it just because the writer told me so? Or have the actions of the character convinced me totally?!

Step 6: Ban the Boring Bits

Top Tip: Ban all mention of bus or car trips, breakfasts and beds. (Unless of course you want something mysterious to happen to one of your characters while they are eating breakfast in bed on a train!!)

Step 7: Exciting Endings

Top Tip: Don’t start writing until you have the ending!

Some helpful tools:

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