Welcome to 2018!

Hi everyone,

We have all settled in well to the new school year. We have been busy setting up our classroom together and getting to know our new environment. Please check the blog regularly to keep up to date with any important information. Attached is the 3/4 handbook and 3/4C’s timetable. It is important that you read through it carefully and familiarise yourself with the various aspects of the school year. There are also links to the eConnect Booklet and MPPS Digital Technologies and eSmart Policy and the 3/4 Yearly Overview. If you have any questions please comment on this blog post below, send me an email or come in to see me!


3-4  handbook

Timetable for Home 2018

eConnect Handbook

MPPS Digital Technologies and eSmart Policy

Yearly Planner 3.4

Identify features of online texts

With a partner, explore the two websites below.  Collect and record facts about frogs in your reading book -colour code the facts according to what text you got the information from.

After you have finished exploring the two web pages, ask yourself:

  • Which text gave you better/ more information?
  • What was different about reading the first text compared to the second?

Frogs 1

Frogs 2